dinsdag 25 januari 2011

Nostalgia in La Latina


Recently I went to El Rastro with my one of my best friends Sofie! It was a great afternoon and we ate very good food! Afterwards Sofie and I went for a walk in La Latina, because we wanted to find the hotel were we stayed when we were looking for a 'piso' in Madrid. Walking around in there made us realize that it has already been almost 5 months since we stayed there and explored that neighbourhood. We became very nostalgic and it even became difficult not to cry :) 

This is the first old-school tapas bar I ever went to in Madrid :)

We found the Hotel and it made me feel really weird to see it again after 5 months. Afterwards we walked to the metro of Puerta de Toledo the same way as we did that time and that made me really nostalgic. I could only wish that that walk was just the beginning. 

But at this moment I'm only one week away of my departure from Madrid and I feel horrible about it :) and so does Sofie. That's why we decided to go and have a look at the most important places just one last time before we go home. A good song to explain how I feel about leaving is the song of Nelly Furtado - Why do all good things come to an end! 
I will post more pictures and stories about my favourite places in Madrid that I went to see :) 


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