woensdag 26 januari 2011

El Respiro

Yesterday I went all around Madrid to find everything for my photoportfolio! It was horrible to find everything I needed :) But at the end Tiger saved me and now my photoportfolio is almost finished! But when I was waiting for my photos I went to Starbucks to drink this ddddelicious Fruit Frappucino with mango and pashion fruit! I took a picture of Callao, because it is one of the most famous places you'll see in Madrid. It is the center of the 'shopping district'. 

In the evening, I went to a suuperfun tapas bar in Calle de las Infantas! It's called Respiro and it is absolutely great. When you order something to drink, you get like two  plates of tapas for free!! The atmosphere in the bar is also great, lots of young and Spanish people! Normally we wanted to go to El Tigre, that is the most famous tapas bar in Madrid, but it was closed! But Respiro certainly was just as great :)


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