maandag 17 januari 2011

Happy sundays at Rastro.

Hola amigos!

Yesterday Jasmien and I went to El Rastro, one of the most famous destinations on a sunday morning in Madrid. I left my 'piso' at half past 1 and took the metro to La Latina. On Rastro I bumped into Jasmien, who was strolling around with her roommates.

As Sofie, my other friend who accompagnied me to Rastro, her stomach was growling, we asked Jasmien if she knew a good place to eat something small in the neighborhood. So we went to 'El Capricho Extremeño' to eat some tapas. This restaurant seemed to be very famous for its food, because there was a line of almost 50 people waiting outside to get their food. We all tried different things, ranging from a piece of bread with some cheese and olive oil to a piece of bread with a Schnitzel with paprika on top. We ate our food at a square nearby, namely the square where normaly all the antiques are displayed, together with a lot of youngsters that were also enjoying the sunshine. 

El Rastro is a typical Spanish market with lots of different kinds of products. On the one hand you have a part with all the new products, such as jewelry, leather jackets and bags, some hippie clothing and souvenirs to remind you of your wonderful trip to Madrid. On the other hand you have the part with the secondhand products such as chandeliers, porselain figurines, old polaroid cameras, secondhand toys and much more. Of course there are also numerous streetartists on El Rastro, for example yesterday there was a guy playing a didgeridoo and an old woman who was playing a hurdy-gurdy. Moreover you can also find a lot of typical Spanish people on Rastro, such as old women with their scarfs. Very lovely.

As Rastro is the place to be on a sunday morning, it is also the place were pickpocketers get together to steal from tourists, so you must be careful with your belongings. It is also very very crowded on Rastro, so you should go very early or very late, because in between it is almost impossible. 
So now you know how perfect a sunday morning can be!  

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