vrijdag 11 maart 2011


Couple of weeks ago, I saw this youtube video on Facebook: 

I was totally astonished by the beauty of the sound of the instrument, called a Theremin! I've never seen anything like this before, the intstrument sounds like a violin or the voice of an opera singer. 
The instrument was designed in 1919 by Léon Theremin and became very popular. The woman you see in the video, Clara Rockmore, was one of his pupils. The Theremin is an instrument with two antennes and your hands have to move between those two antennas. The right hand affects the pitch of the tone and the left  hand affects the volume. Because it reacts very easily to movements, it is a very expressive instrument.
Also Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin played the theremin in his song Whole lotta love. It is the weird ufo-like sound when you hear when Robert Plant is singing his ' ah ah ah ah ah ah ah'

And here you see old Jimmy Page playing the Theremin:



This is my current happy happy song!!


donderdag 10 maart 2011

Eristoff ad

I saw this funny catchy Eristoff ad the other day and I just had to share it :)

woensdag 9 maart 2011

Museum Night Fever

One week ago I went to Brussels, for Museum Night Fever. It is a festival with music, museums, exhibitions etc. Meaning that from 19h untill 01h you can visit 19 different museums for only 8 euros! And afterwards there is an afterparty in BOZAR, the palace for beautiful arts. Here three different dj's provide you with an incredible eargasm ( included in the 8 euros!! :) ). So when I heard about the festival I obviously had-to-go. 
I went to 4 different museums, La Fonderie, Wiels, Musée d'art fantastique and Art & Marges museum. 
To begin with we went to Wiels, an amazing museum, were you could 'pimp' your own Tshirts and get stickers! Offcourse you had to put the stickers on immediately, but I was able to get some the normal way! This musem also houses the brewhouse of Duvel, which is quite awesome ;) And over there I also ate some mean quiche!!

Afterwards we went to the Musée d'art fantastique because we heard that there would be some freak shows here! We waited in line for more than half an hour to discover there were NONE!!! We were awfully dissapointed!! The museum consists of fake puppets and attributes, but in the end, nothing special.. Except for the Robocop head.
The original head of the TERMINATOR
Then we went to the Art&Marges Museum, which was quite okay, but you know nothing special :) And last but not least we went to La Fonderie, the museum of industrialisation! This was by far the coolest museum! All those old machines, the bbq, the Oxfam fruit drinks... It was such a great place to chill out! We also spend there like almost 2 hours :) 

To end our night we wanted to participate in the great afterparty, BUT offcourse there was no more room in BOZAR and we could have waited outside but it was fréézing, so we just went home.. :) That's kinda stupid because I really wanted to hear La Fille d'O play some music! 

Too bad, but then again it was a great night! For those of you who were not able to go this year, go next year! :)